Layouts built and ready for sale.

New layouts built to my own design. Just attach to your controller and enjoy your hobby. If you would like one building in DCC just ring or email me. 01770 303955 [email protected]
N Gauge Double Oval Layout

Available NOW

N Gauge Exhibition Standard Model Railway Layout Measuring 48" x 27"

The layout is a two line DC operation and includes goods shed loading area with 4 sidings. All track is Peco and points are manual operation. There is also a enough room for you to add a couple of buildings so you can develop it to suit your own taste. Also has working platform lights.

The layout also comes with 4 detachable legs which simply screw into place. I'm not into complicated things so I've made both the wiring and layout simple to operate so once unpacked it can be up and running in under 10 minutes.

This model railway layout is a great way to get into N Gauge model railways and is a ideal space saver for those of us who don't have a lot of room.

Trains & vehicles are not included.

Contact us to place an order for a DCC version and place you in the queue. A deposit will be required, balance due prior to commencement.


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OO Gauge Sectional Layout - Stanton Halt

OO Gauge Model Railway DC - Sectional Stanton Halt

                                 This will be ready to send in 3 weeks

                                   Please specify if you prefer DCC

Model railway in 2 sections measuring 4 foot  by 15 inches wide. 

Totalling 8 foot.

Built to exhibition standard.  

A great starting point for anyone wanting to run a model railway layout with limited space. 

The Layout comes as per photographs with 

      * A scenic board as shown 4 foot x 15"

            * A fiddle board with one piece of track, 

        (so you can lay your sidings to suit yourself.)

* full scenery

* Metcalfe Building

* Station Halt

* 8 detachable legs, which can be left off if not required.

(The track bed stands approx. 27 inches from the floor when the legs are attached.)

* Peco track

* real granite ballast

(It comes without trains, rolling stock or accessories- vehicles, people-sorry)


 Holes will also be cut ready for point motors, (point motors are not included.)

Any questions please feel free to ask.

A great little layout.

 Stanton Halt OO 1.jpg 



This will be built & ready to send in 3 weeks

Just line up the dowels, attach the bolts, join the connectors then put wires to your controller and away you go.

We can build a bespoke layout for you. Johns present workload means all new builds are being queued, please message us for the next time slot.

The layout will have a framework and be packed securely and sent to Glasgow to be collected for 24 hours delivery 

We send all the layouts this way and all have arrived perfectly. 

We will also give full after support so we can help sort out any little problems you may have or offer advice.

I have sold quite a few of these layouts over the years, all to exhibition standard.

 Feel free to check out our facebook page - to see more pictures of this layout. You will also be able to see Goathland Station, Brimmington Halt, Malham sidings and some of our other larger sectional layouts that we have sold.

Please contact us if you have any problems what so ever about any item and we'll do our best to sort it out. 

Price: 0.00